How it Works

ScreenAge Bootcamp (SABC) is an online training platform and community for parents and the teenagers they love. We offer actionable tools, systems and community support to prepare teens for the knowledge economy – a world with new rules, currency and success metrics. We’re starting by educating parents on how to teach their teenagers some basic skills.

 Our first set of courses will teach focus, time-management and goal setting. For the parents who complete the first phase, we will be offering a similar module for teenagers. Our mission is to give parents and their teenagers control over their future. The topics we cover are not taught in school.


We prioritized these skills because they are both woefully lacking in our society and when mastered, offer powerful leverage. Think of what your teens could accomplish this year if they could vertically align their actions, time and long-term goals? 

Over time, our mission is to teach our kids how to design their own lifestyle. What is lifestyle design? Lifestyle design is a concept that throws away the old theories on how to live and lets us rewrite the rules. We get to decide for ourselves what’s valuable, what we want to do, where we want to work and how we live our life.