Meet The Team

Marissa and Sherri met when their boys joined little league. If you've ever been a little league parent, you know the practice and games offer spectators endless hours to get to know each other. The two women two found they shared core beliefs about family, parenting and the impact of technology. Although their kids are different ages and genders and attend different schools, they struggle with similar parenting challenges. Today, the two are using their knowledge, passion and experience to help parents raise focused, confident teens in digitally transformed world.

Marissa Verson Harrison

Sherri Burnett

Marissa is a professional marketer. She founded and sold a PR firm in the 90s, worked as VP of marketing for startups and founded an ecommerce subscription products company for dog lovers.

Like many of us, Marissa had to dramatically shift her career when she had children.

After years of volunteering at her kids' schools, consuming terabytes of information on technology, neuroscience and parenting trends, and taking a deep dive into productivity bootcamps, she saw an opportunity to is ready to help parents like her understand what she'd learned. 

After years of testing her insights on her own teenagers, she was inspired to share the information, tools and systems with other parents of tweens and teens.

When not working in front of multiple computer screens, Marissa can be found sprinting on her treadmill while listening to podcasts at 2x the speed, cycling in hills or hiking with her dog, Bogey. 

Sherri is a business operations whiz with years of professional experience optimizing systems of all shapes and sizes.  

Whether creating systems for retail giants, growing teams at technology companies or leading professional service projects, Sherri is a problem solver at heart.

Like many of us, when she had children, she chose to adapt her career to her new priorities.

Today, as a mother of two technology-obsessed boys, she looks forward to helping like-minded parents bring balance to their homes and raise resilient, confident children.

When not tackling complex problems, Sherri is busy playing pick-up Ultimate Frisbee in the park, running the neighborhood community programs or leading fundraising at her kids' schools. 

Sherri exudes a Down-to-the-Earth personality and is always ready to ground and organize those around her.